Monday, November 26, 2012

Poem: Tainted Voodoo

Tainted Voodoo

By: Joi Maree Flowers

Madame Lavue,
I need you to whip me up a soup.
You see it’s this man I want;
and I need you to make me his only love.

Madame Lavue,
I want you to make it so that his eyes only see me;
and give his heart just enough space to only hold me.
Madame Lavue, can you do that for me?

"Sho I can chile,
If you got $50 dollars."

$50 dollars?
That’s an awful lot for soup.

"Love cost chile.
Didn’t you know that part?"
I guess so. Here you go.
Now when will I get my soup?

"Bring him on down to my restaurant tonight
and I’ll give it to him then.
Then wait 3 days
and for sho he’ll be your man."

3 days later…

Madame Lavue,
I gave him your soup.
But he done left me to love another.
Can you tell me who?

"Chile I saw that man
And lawd he was some fine.
That famous soup of mine you gave to him,
I made it…

So he could love me
instead of you.
No refunds.