Friday, December 14, 2012

Poem: How Could I Have Known

How Could I Have Known

By: Joi Maree Flowers

How could I have known
That when this morning to you I said goodbye
That it would truly be
For the last time

No more lullaby's
No more kisses goodnight
No more stories to tell
To send you into that slumber land of night

Only empty arms
And pools of tears
A heart that aches
And tomorrow's fears

Unanswered responses
Of those questions of why
If only it could be different
If only I could rewind time

No tomorrow will ever be the same
And life without you will always be my deepest pain
"If had not would be still here"
Will forever be my reasoning for you to have lived

But how could I have known
What feeling could I have felt
That today
Someone would take away your last breath

And how could I have known
That when you said goodbye
That those words from you would be said to me
For the last time


  1. Just thinking about my own child and learning to cherish the moment

  2. There are 20 more angels in heaven to night!

  3. This poem had to be one of the most emotional pieces I have written to date.