Friday, December 21, 2012

Poem: Leaving For A Place Called Home

Leaving For A Place Called Home

By: Joi Maree Flowers

There is where I want to go
So guide my direction towards the place that many call home
You know that place where the gates are pearly
That place where can be seen His mighty glory

My body has been worked for its purposes
On this good earth that at times I felt cursed it

With days of labor
That turned into years of struggling
And nights of grief
That sometimes lasted until the morning

And though my stay has been bittersweet
I'm thankful for the journey that's been given to me

I've done what I was 'pose to do
And seen what I was 'pose to seen
Now it's time to close these tired eyes of mine
And drift into forever's dream

My soul is finally ready
To have that eternal peace in the land of plenty

Goodnight dear old life
In the morning I'll be gone
To awake to a brighter light than the sun
In that place I've waited to go to called home

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