Friday, January 11, 2013

Poem: Just Wondering

Just Wondering

By: Joi Maree Flowers

Would the direction of the journey have changed
If had I stayed a few minutes later
Or left a few minutes earlier?

Would I have met him
If I had decided not to go out that night
But instead came the night before or after?

Would I have come to be
If my mother had not been able to conceive
Or decided that her life plans did not include me?

Would I have been better off
If Daddy had stayed
Or was it for the best that he closed the door behind him and left me?

Am I better
Being me
Or would I have been better off becoming what others wanted me to be?

Would I have walked the right road of destiny
If I had not seen God's vision for me
Or would I have met the same fate walking the path made solely by me?

Would I have wrote this and other pieces
If I had listened to the teacher that told me
"You couldn't do this?"

And accepted her words
That this "hobby" of mine
Was useless?

All things happen as they are meant to
This I know

I was sitting here
Just thinking
and wondering

That's all

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