Monday, January 7, 2013

Poem: Tomorrow


By: Joi Maree Flowers

The path was unknown
The vision is shown
The journey will begin
A new Chapter
To pen

Walk not that same road
Previously traveled
Write not those same words
Previously written

Make not the same mistakes
In the coming days as did yesterday
For what good is change
If life is to only be replayed

Free yourself
Of those rusted chains that bind
Time is passing at swift speeds
Don't get left behind

Unload off your shoulders
Those burdens of heavy weight
Stacked upon each other by you
Over time of past days

Wipe away those worried tears
That have been over and over cried
Fear not the entrance of a new door
But walk through it with a confident stride

Prepare your place
For the best to arrive
Though it can not be seen now
Soon will be the time

Tomorrow awaits
Are you ready for that day?
Will you become better than before
Or will you remain the same?

Are you ready
To become your dream
To walk closer to your light
And leave behind that old thing?

What has been
And is now
Should and has to
Cease to be
As today
Will soon die
To make way for
Tomorrow's time

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