Friday, January 25, 2013

Poem: Walking By His Side

Walking By His Side
(Comfort words from those souls who have gone home)

By: Joi Maree Flowers

You may knock on my door
But open it I will not
You may call my phone to hear my voice
But answer it I won't
You may search for me
In those places I was known to be
And call out my name a hundred times
But there I won't be

Because I've gone

Where no pain can be felt

Where no worries will cross my thoughts

Where my tears will no longer fall from a cry

Where again I can not die

I've gone home

I'm ok
If you're wondering

I'm at peace
If you're guessing

I'm happy
If you're hoping

I'm free
If you're asking

I'm home
And one day you'll come here too

And there you will call my name
And answer I will
And you will search for me
And find me you will
Right there under that glorious light
Walking by my Savior's side

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