Friday, February 8, 2013

Poem: Different

(Date Night)

By: Joi Maree Flowers

Closet aint got no dress
Pockets aint got no cash
I aint going out nowhere
With this man to dance

He said
Baby I'll buy you a dress
And the heels to match
'Cuse on this night with you I don't want to pass

Excuse me sir
I aint no charity case
I don't need nothing from your hands
Where in the end you want some form of sexual repay

Say lady
I just want to spoil and adore you
I aint looking for an easy lay
I'm just a gentleman who likes to treat a woman the right way

Well Sir
Since you put it that way
Pick me up around 8
And please don't be late

It's not often that a fella like you
Comes along to place a woman on a throne

I'm so use to seeing the played acts of pretenders
That at times I don't recognize when a good one like you comes along

Trust me I understand
But believe me Miss
I'm a different
Kinda man

One who knows how to treat
A good woman like a Queen
Give her a secured love
And the unasked attention that she needs

I can only know for sure if you're that kinda right
If only for myself I see tonight

I'm glad
That you obliged
All I ask is for you to give me
One try

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