Friday, April 19, 2013

Poem: That Old Thang

That Old Thang

By: Joi Maree Flowers

Got a call today
From that old thang

Aint heard from that runaway voice
Nor felt that swift wind grace my path
In a long while

I wonder what he wants

He said to me that he been thinkin' 'bout me
And been missin' him some good ol' me
And need to be seein' me real soon
Cuse he wants to start a new thang with us again
And wonders if that could be possible


No Sir
Is what I told that old thang
From yesterdays time
Him of many lied promises

Those leaves on our tree
And have long ago died
Aint no sense in walking backward towards that way
No Sir
I'm good
Yeah I'm fine

And aint no use in goin' and plantin' another tree with you
Being that I already got another one planted
With my new thang
Where on it the leaves are alive and the fruit are well ripe

No thank you Sir
I'm fine
Yeah I'm good

Maybe you should do the same
And find you a new thang
I heard it's some "bad ones" out there
Just how you like 'em
Waiting for a good one like you

That's what I told that old thang of mine

Then he continued

Naw I'm good
Aint no other woman out there for me
But you

You got my number
I'll be around
In case it don't work out with that new clown
So if you ever need me you know where I'll be

Yeah I got ya number
Know where you stay too
But trust me sir I won't be needin'
No part of yesterday
Nor tomorrow of you

And that clown you referrin' to
Is more man to me now
Then you ever were before
So when you refer to him
Call him Sir

Nothing less

And may your new thang
Be your best thang
Cause again
You will never cross
Pass my mind or way

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