Friday, May 3, 2013

Poem: Say Brother, Say Sister

Say Brother, Say Sister

By: Joi Maree Flowers

Say there
My Brother
My Sister
Walking down the street with your face looking to the ground

What aint right now?

Got laid off
Got past due bills
Got a baby on the way

Same problems as a lot of folk

Yeah I know
Been there myself a time or more
So I understand

But it will get better
Trust me
I know

My head rose again
So will yours

Things seemed wrong now will turn right
And again the sun will shine

But you can't stay in today's darkness
You have to walk into tomorrow's time
In order to see that light

Don't let pride
Fear or worry
Keep you on this side

We all have problems

We all need help

Whether it be
A voice to advise
Or an extended hold of a hand

You can cry
And stress

Loose sleep
Get weak
And want to break

But what would those things solve
Nothing at all
Say a prayer
So God can hear
And He'll make better of your days
But you must hold on to faith

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