Friday, July 19, 2013

Poem: Purple Roses

Purple Roses
By: Joi Maree Flowers

Red is so passe
Though most ladies expect to receive roses of that color

But not I 

I am so different

Therefore different is
What I want
What I need
What I crave 

From your hands 

That are not comfortable with the "use to" trade
But extraordinary
Where nothing that comes from it is predictable or the same 

From your lips 

That flows from them words of amore
Those things never heard spoken before
Lyrics creating verses for a new song

From your body 

That ignites passion
When joined with mine
Rhythm and harmony without words and signs 

From your heart 

Where sincerity whispers
And emotions beat
Unlocked by I who only holds the key 

I like my roses
Like my man
Like my life
Like my love
Of a different hue 

My roses are purple
And so shall they always remain 

Unlike the ordinary
Never the same

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