Friday, September 27, 2013

Poem: Speak To Me

Speak To Me

By: Joi Maree Flowers

I'm tired
I can't sleep

I'm all cried out
I'm weak

My soul is screaming loud
But no where is the calm of peace

I haven't heard from you in a awhile
Don't you remember me

Then speak to me

Speak to me

Been walking around
With nowhere to go

Been thinking a lot
About things I did that I should not have done

And about things
I didn't do but should have

Been searching for answers in all the wrong places

Been driving around so long but have yet to reach a destination

My options have been used
Want to give up but I refuse

Feel like I ain't really been living
Just existing

Seems like with all I've done
I still have no results to show

Although the work was completed
The job is still left undone

In my darkest hour
With my last bit of strength

I turn to you

Knowing that I should have done so first

I apologize for putting you last

But I come to you now
As I am

To receive
Your Word

Those words that will bring unto me again
My peace


  1. Yes, I've been here and will probably travel that road again. It's a learning process but I've never seen this journey in words. Thanks!