Monday, November 11, 2013

Poem: Aint Ya Mama

Aint Ya Mama

By Joi Maree Flowers

I aint ya mama
But I'll act like it if ever you disrespect my authority

Usin' indecent language with grown folks as you do with your friends

I know your raisin' was better than the role you're playin' now

I know your ass got whooped and your access denied when you went against what you were told

But now you so-called
"Found yourself"

Oh yeah you're
"Smellin' yourself"

You bold now
You hard now
You grown now

But baby you aint got no ownership over nothin'
No employer to report to
No bills to pay
Or a pot of your own to piss in


You're still an adolescent
You haven't reached your prime
You're still at the beginning
Far away from finishing the race


Splash in the puddles of your childhood
Embrace the comfort of your youth
Protect your innocence
From the pressures of this world
Honor your guardians
Love those who love you
Respect those who teach you
Listen' to those who speak to you

Enjoy today's time
But set the alarm for tomorrow


In comin' days
You'll wake up
And your child
Will have left you a farewell note

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