Friday, December 13, 2013

Poem: The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

(For Mom)

By: Joi Maree Flowers

So far have you come
From the beginning of this journey
Which began with the taking of a step of uncertainty
Though unknown of its direction
And decided destination
Humbly was it accepted
Faithfully was it traveled

And now that the path has reached its end
And the finish line stands before your feet
You began to reflect on

Those days
That became months
Which turned into wonderful years

Of fulfilling your purpose
Filled with moments that can never be forgotten

Like the meeting of new faces
Whose names were later added to your list

And the knowledge obtained
Along with learned lessons
That contributed to your wealth of wisdom

And the impact of your presence
And teachings
That is appreciated by those you've taught professionally and also personally

These memories and more will forever reside
In the place from which they were created

These are moments
Which will never be forgotten
But more so reflected on in the days to come

And when your last day arrives
Yes the tears may flow
And the hugs will be embraced a little tighter
But remember
In no way
Is this a goodbye

Just an ending of one chapter
And the beginning of the next

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