Monday, April 7, 2014

Poem: Grown Children

Grown Children
By: Joi Maree Flowers

I remember the time when the words of the parental figures
Were listened to
And obeyed

There was no talk back
No sucking of the teeth
No slamming of the doors
No stomping away
Without the firm hand of discipline
Meeting the bottom of the stubborn

Children honored their elders
And questioned not the orders of them


There are children
Who heed not the words of their elders
For their way is thought to be better
And the words of their superiors are laughed at

For they refuse to be govern by
Matriarch rule

As the absent of Fathers
Left the responsibility to Mothers
Who can not raise a boy into a Man
Nor teach a daughter as to how to love one

Has left the child
To learn outside the foundation of the home
Becoming he or she's own
Parental figure

As the days where the strengthen of the home
That raised honorable children
Has been weakened by the change of the dynamics
Of the foundation that with the passing of time has crumbled into dust

Growing up children faster than their age allowed
Becoming responsible for themselves
Without the want or need of the figures whom they were born from

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