Monday, April 28, 2014

Poem: No Apology

No Apology

By: Joi Maree Flowers

Apologize for falling in love
I will not

Who are you to tell me
That this gift I was given
Is a fault

Who are you to tell me
Because it is not you
In love I should be not

How selfish of you
How wrong of you

Telling everyone that I've changed
And you're right I have
Just not in the negative way that I've been portrayed

I've changed in becoming a better woman
To someday become a Wife
To one day become a Mother

As his Partner in life and love

As a woman proud to raise my head high
And not the kind to walk with it down
Feeling burdened by the wonders of if I


But did not

So I did
And I became
Better than what you "Friend" limited me to

But to you change is bad

Because it's me and not you

Now you expect me to apologize
For being who I am
I refuse and will not

I will continue to love
And live
As I am doing now

Whether you like it or not
Is not my problem or concern
To entertain

Just don't expect an apology from me to ever be sent your way

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