Monday, April 21, 2014

Poem: Outside And In

Outside And In

By Joi Maree Flowers

Night showers made the tears fall harder
Together making small puddles on the ground both outside and in

Like the surprise of the coming storm
She too did not know a down pour was headed her way

No warning to take shelter from the cold drench
No reason to believe that the sun would be overshadowed by grey skies

As darkness surrounded the halls of her home
Though earlier it beamed with light

No word as to why
Confusion shook her hand

As she tried to find the answer in the silence of her space
While holding the left behind key

Which was cold
As like the brushing winds outside

Seated on the floor
Rocking back and forth

Forth and back
Rocking with her arms around her legs and her chin to her knees

Covered in tears
Hugged by the cold air

Waiting for the answer to tell her
Of the reason why love left her

With no warning
With no reason

But the only response she received
Was thunder and rain

The same sound of her heart breaking
As the tears fell harder

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