Monday, May 5, 2014

Poem: Against Me (Time)

Against Me (Time)
By: Joi Maree Flowers

I wish sometimes I could remain still
Just for a moment
To exhale
But it's hard
When you're being pulled
From both sides
Like you're the rope
In a tug-a-war match

I wish sometimes I can be alone
Just for a moment or so
To enjoy me
But that can't be
When you're being interrupted
By voices
Summoning your presence
To cater to their needs

I wish sometimes that time would fast forward
Just so the hours would pass by
So those needy eyes cannot find me
And those stretched hands cannot touch me
But that's impossible
Because only time chooses
When its hand moves
As it does the moments that are
Even if it means taking me away from me

I just wish that I had more time awake
Then I do when asleep
To enjoy those things important to me
Without the cares and worries
Of what others may need of me
But it seems that will never be

Because after all
Time has never
Been on my side

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