Monday, June 30, 2014

Poem: No Time To Say Goodbye

No Time To Say Goodbye

By Joi Maree Flowers

And without warning it was over
And without saying goodbye she was of this world no more

Too young to fully live
Too young to prematurely die

The adolescent child taken away by the hands of infatuation
By an angered heart
And a jealous mind
Who felt that if he was without her
So should this world also be

Selfish bastard
Cold hearted sucka
Cruel murderer
To close the eyes of this beautiful soul to darkness forever

Given no chance to plead for her escape
Given no time to undo the decision to leave
That could have changed his mind

But how could she have known
Without being warned
And how could she have known
She would be caught off guard by a powerful blow

Her Mother and Father
So close to help
But too far away to know
As silence didn't alarm their ears to hear
The horror
The torture
The brutality
That battled their defeated daughter
A few blocks away from their front door

Until morning
When they arose to discover her absence
Then walked outside to see the yellow roped off street
Police cars
And ambulance
And made their way to the scene with troubled hearts
Only to discover the person covered with the white sheet
Was their child

A shot to her head and heart

Collapsed by shock and weakness
Defeated by death's resistance to revive her
As she had before then expired
As she had before then not known the coming of that nightmare

Their lives lost life
Their heart lost beats
Their words could only speak screams
And yell out cries of "why"

Wonders of "if only"
Angers of wanting to know "who did this"
Pleads for justice
Wishes for time reversal to change yesterday

But the nightmare was real
The end had happened
The last words of her saying "I love you" replayed in their ears
The last sight of her sent through their bodies frozen chills

They were forced to say goodbye
Without knowing she was leaving

They were forced to live life
Without the one whom they'd given life to

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