Monday, July 14, 2014

Poem: Formerly She

Formerly She

By: Joi Maree Flowers

He put a halt to his thoughts
And placed a lock on his heart
In hopes of forgetting her

But he found her name being spoken from his lips
And again he could not forget how he once loved her
How he spoiled her indulgences
How he praised her beauty
How he built their kingdom for her to reign by his side as his Queen

Until it tumbled to the ground as a result of war

The war which deceit began
Wounded by temptation's weapon
Slain by adultery's hand
Engulfed in flames by desire's fire
Until the smoke arose from the ashes of her betrayal

Leaving behind
He who loved her
With no answer
And no reason as to why
His love could not last her until forever

She whom he once loved

He who had after her departure vowed
To unlove her
To release her
To remember her no more

But he again found her name being spoken from his lips
And again he remembered how much he wanted to forget her
She who accepted his hand with no intent to hold on to it
She who entered into his heart temporarily
She who knew his want of forever was only for her
A moment

She's whose name was to be unspoken from his lips eternally

After today

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