Monday, July 21, 2014

Poem: Lady Lust

Lady Lust

By: Joi Maree Flowers

The lady

Unknown to the world
As his lover
Was the perfection
His wife used to be
A reminder
That fresh was better
That beauty didn't fade quickly

The lady

Unseen by everyday faces
Who's name was spoken only in the company of silence
Was the pace of time in his eyes
Being slowed down enough to enjoy
The moment a little longer
Before home called his presence back to the four walls
He shared with she who held his last name

The lady

The company of his lustful nights
Who's shadow disappeared upon the sun's rise
Was in the beginning content with her role as "Other"
Until emotions escaped through the locked door of her heart
And found its way to her mind to play a game of chance with
Exposing her to the possibility
Of a maybe
If only she showed potential of wanting to become
The lady other than who she had been
The forever in his world
By expressing her feelings through love's voice

So of the challenged she accepted
As temptation showed her an ending that was happy and pleasant

And so she presented herself to him
As she wished to be received
Surprised by her words
He suggested time away for consideration to be taken
In place of the night's lustful groove

For a week he thought about it
And the week to follow
And the week to follow that

And the lady

Once known only in the darkness
Between the sheets of his cheat
On those days of his convenience

Came to the conclusion
That the answer she'd been waiting to hear
Had long ago been spoken

But she couldn't hear is initially
Because her hope spoke too loudly