Monday, August 18, 2014

Poem: Too Soon To Weep

Too Soon To Weep

By: Joi Maree Flowers

She didn't get to see him graduate high school
Didn't get to see him grow to become a man
As she transitioned from physical
To spiritual
Before he received his Rights of Passage

Her son
Left in the world without her presence

With no hand to hold
No arms to run into
No kiss to be placed on his forehead
To comfort him
To assure him
All was well
And will be

As only a Mother's love
Her love
Could heal the pain he's been inflicted with
A pain that won't ever be healed
Only eased with the remembrance of happy moments made yesterday
That'll find its way every now and then to memory's slide show

But how can she comfort him now when
The pain is due to her early demise

A pain of knowing that the last time was indeed the last


When he goes to call her name
And realizes that she again will never answer
To his voice

His weakened heart will ache

And the pain will again become stronger

The pain of having to live without her

Becoming unbearable to bear

The will to move forward a struggle

Because the reason to is hard to find through the cloudy vision of his watery eyes

Asking God why

Why her

Why so soon

Without a proper goodbye to be said

Without a chance to see her smile again

Without a chance for her to say I love you

Unable to catch all the tears that fall

Unable to find a smile in the pain

Unable to understand why

So soon her presence from his life was taken away

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