Monday, September 29, 2014

Poem: Only To Love

Only To Love

By: Joi Maree Flowers

I rose only to fall in love with you

Not to dance
Not to sing
Not to play
Not to be made an option for another's eye

But only to love you

Nothing more
Nothing less

But even this simple task
Has become hard to complete

As you excuse yourself from my calling
Whenever I speak your name

Is love so feared
That it would cause you to run away

Is love so bad
That you dare not befriend it

Awakened to receive you
Yet it remains abandoned

Shall I too abandon you
Shall I fear you also

When the day comes that sense is made of me
And you run to greet me

Will your name have been replaced
Because you waited to see me too late

This I do not know
But I hope it isn't the case

But the longer you wait
Lesser of me will lie in wait

So will you choose
To catch me today

Or again leave me in waiting

For my patience grows impatient
And my wait time becomes shortened

As I grow tired
And sleep nears closer to rest me

So will you choose
To catch me today

Or let me again close my eyes to darkness

And be awakened
By the kiss of another

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