Monday, September 15, 2014

Poem: Payback


By: Joi Maree Flowers

Still on her it lingered
The scent of sweat and regret
Of temptation's victory
A mix of musk, lavender, and guilt

The dark line crossed
Forbidden terrority entered

Last night
After hours
Into the unknown garden of lustful desire
They crept

Captivated by eyes
Introduced by smiles
Entertained by dance
Embraced by empty shot glasses

Finding their way to a hotel nearby
Room 189
Outside it hung a
"Do not disturb" sign

Loud moans
Grabbed waists
Penetrated anger
Released grudges

They swam in the waters of vengeful pleasures

After the moment which lasted a few hours passed
And he left her where they both laid
Without a word said

She was left alone to cope
With the mistake that was made
But indulged in intentionally

Scorned by the hurt her lover placed within her
But calling the name of a woman other than her

Awakened from the blindness of the deceit of his wife
Who entertained the face of lust many a nights

Deciding that on this night
Payback would be their choice of strike

Suspects of revenge
Victims of pain

Given of themselves freely to the ways of convenience
In hopes of making their others of love hurt like they
Because love fucked them both over
Like a trick who got served but didn't pay

The hurt they received and hoped to returned
Left them without a win to brag about
Only into the same category of deceiver did they fall also into
As their significant others

Paid them back
With wages of burdens
Too heavy to carry

No better than their loves
No better persons themselves

Equally responsible for their wrongs
Equally the suspects they vowed to themselves pay back

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