Monday, December 22, 2014

Poem: The I That I Am

The I That I Am

By: Joi Maree Brown

I rise when uplifted
I fall when I break
I cry when I am hurt
I laugh when I am tickled

I live life
One day at a time

I plan for tomorrow
Even though into it I am not sure if I'll arrive

I thank my past
For delivering me to my present

I am thankful just to be
Anything else added I count it as a blessing

At times
I judge others
Although it's wrong

I criticize others
But hate when they criticize me

I am not perfect
So don't expect me to be

I am me
Not you nor they

And me
Is who I can only be

I despise liars
I really do
Although at times
I have been guilty of being one too

I like to help others
Without receiving a reward
My joy is in giving
And am content if my name to it is written as unknown

At times
I act on my heart
Instead of thinking with my mind

Which has cause me to get
More than a few times

I love myself
Though it took some time
I truly do love me whether or not someone else does

I am becoming
As I have already been
Better than my yesterdays
A day away from my greatness

I am I

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