Monday, December 8, 2014

Poem: No Return Home Yet

No Return Home Yet

By: Joi Maree Brown

I want to go home
But it hasn't called me to come back

Been walking the same path
Back and forth
Forth and back


For the reason
Of the meaning
Of the purpose
Of why I first left

But it doesn't seem my way of thinking was correct at the time
When I made the choice to go

My way never seems to go right

I should have listened to that soft voice of reason
When it told me to be still
But instead I rebelled and moved

Now I'm stuck in the middle of the circle
I formed in my travels

And must stop and be still
And pray

As I am ready to now listen to God's Voice
And abide by His instructions

If it is not too late

For with His lead
Home won't seem so far away to return to

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