Monday, February 16, 2015

Poem: Do Not Weep

Do Not Weep
(Dedicated to "Big Dale" and all those who have been called home)

By: Joi Maree Brown

I am not gone
So for me do not weep
I've lived a good life
And have now been called to heaven's peace

I am not gone
So for long do not mourn
Though absent in flesh
My spirit lives on

I was given a job
And completed it I did
God's favor smiled upon me and said
"What a great job you did"

He took me by the hand
And lead me to my bed
And with a loving voice the Good Lord whispered into my ear and said

My eyes closed forever to this earthly home
For it was never meant for me to stay here long
And although I will miss your presence so
I hold your memories close to me as you do of I
So do not worry
One day we will meet again
And what a celebration it will be
A joyous reunion

I'll always be with you
In mind and in heart
Close like the stars to the night's sky
Never to depart

And in the midnight hour
Or the early sunrise
When I cross the thoughts of your mind
And the tears began to fall, let not those tears be of sorrow but of joy

For I am at peace
I suffer no more
For I am home
I know troubles no more

I've gone home
So do not weep for me too long
I've gone home
To that eternal place Heaven where I belong