Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poem: Prelude To Flying

Prelude To Flying

By: Joi Maree Brown

In this nest I am confined
In the darkness is where I reside

Stuck in the phase of was and becoming
Confused by my needs of wanting

Blinded by night so light is unseen
Taunted by haunts that break into my dreams

Trying to understand my purpose of existence
While fighting against the ways of the world

Unknown of the fate that lies ahead of me
Unrest to my eyes that know no sleep

Soul searching for the answers to the questions of
What, why, when, and how

I go through each day with reservations
Uncertainties and wonders
In this temporary domain I call home

Searching for a freedom

A freedom to extend me beyond this suffocating space
A freedom to claim as mine
A freedom to speak my name
A freedom to breathe easily in

A hope of that freedom to see reality

If not today
Then someday

To arise from the emptiness of this black
Out of the silence of these walls
And out of the complacency of this state

And release my wings
  From the entrapment of this cocoon

And fly free
Into the light

Of purpose
And peace

One day
If not today
Then someday
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