About Me

Joi Maree Flowers
Years of writing poems, journal entries, and short stories, her own therapeutic way of releasing her inner emotions and imaginative mind, Joi's words will connect her with adolescent girls and women (mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, grandmothers) and others who appreciate the artistry of expressing one’s self through written form, and speak to all who will listen.

"My firm belief is that words are spoken through many channels. I choose to speak through my writings where there are no barriers to limit my voice. It is through these pieces that I give you a view into my soul and creative passion; a pastime held from the eyes of others to see; a gift that was given unto me to be put to good use, and not to be left selfishly on my own personal shelf. My heart's chamber I now open to you; to share with you my gift, my art, my mind, my soul and life....freely”

I am Joi Maree Flowers


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