Friday, November 23, 2012

Poem: Say Thank You

Say Thank You
By: Joi Maree Flowers

For the life we were given
For the days we have seen
For the moments that are now
And the tomorrows that will be

For the family that is
And the friends that are
For the bond that holds us close together
Whether near or far

For the place we can call home
For the daily nourishment of our bodies and souls
For the comfort in knowing
In this world, we have somewhere to go

For the forgiveness of our past
Allowing for a renewed us to be born
Though not what or where we want to be
We are far from where we were before

For the love that loves

And keeps on loving more and more

Monday, November 19, 2012

Poem: I Call You Friend

I Call You Friend
By: Joi Maree Flowers

They that know I smile
To sometimes hide my tears;
Who take my hand to hold
And tell me to not fear…

They that love me
Despite my flaws;
Who stand not over me and laugh
But pick me up when I fall…

They that become my strength
When I am weak;

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Short Story: In Her Shoes

    In Her Shoes
     by: Joi Maree Flowers

    As far back as I can remember, as a little girl, beginning around the age of two, my small sized feet would often find their way into my Mama's shoes; shoes that of course could not fit me at the time. Whether they were flats, sneakers, flip flops, or high heels, I put on every shoe she had. Those high heels of hers were my absolute favorite because when I would put them on, they would make me feel like I was being just like her when I stood tall in them.
Joi Maree Flowers

    And though I loved her high heels, wearing them was always challenging. I could only stand in them for a minute before my balance gave up on me, leading me to collapse; and every time when I tried to walk in them, I would take about two steps and without fail, tumble to the ground. Mama would laugh and while picking me up would say,"Don't worry baby. You'll be able to walk in them one day." I asked "When?" and she just replied, "One day baby, one day."

    I thought that "one day" would be when I grew up to be an adult like she; but I would later find out in my adult life that walking in her shoes would take on a whole other meaning than that of the literal. Mama's shoes were more than just shoes; their worn wear told the story of the journey that she walked in them.

    It began with the mornings which were always early. Starting around 5 am with prayer, meditation, showering, ironing clothes, getting dressed, then making breakfast; all done before I was awakened. Then she would prepare me for the day once she got me up. After dropping me off at school, she would make her way to a job that she did not enjoy going to. This I knew because she often expressed her dislike of it. However, she endured so we as a family would not go without.
    The evenings were always better. School was over and work was done, well her 9 to 5 at least. We would go home and have "our time". She would cook and let me assist her with preparing our meal,