Friday, November 23, 2012

Poem: Say Thank You

Say Thank You
By: Joi Maree Flowers

For the life we were given
For the days we have seen
For the moments that are now
And the tomorrows that will be

For the family that is
And the friends that are
For the bond that holds us close together
Whether near or far

For the place we can call home
For the daily nourishment of our bodies and souls
For the comfort in knowing
In this world, we have somewhere to go

For the forgiveness of our past
Allowing for a renewed us to be born
Though not what or where we want to be
We are far from where we were before

For the love that loves

And keeps on loving more and more

Whether in the midst of the brightest sunshine
Or during the hardest rain pours

For the joy in our laughter
That keeps our hearts warm
And for those painful times
When we have a friend whose shoulder we can lean on

For the faith that keeps us strong
For the hope that pushes us to go on
And for our patience in waiting
On the many blessings that are due to come along

For the blessings passed from our hands
Onto those of the "without" man
Giving some comfort of hope
To those whose journey has led them to a dead end

Let us be grateful for our haves
And even grateful for our have-nots
For to some much is given
And to some not a lot

And let us say thank you
Simply, sincerely
To God above who made it possible
For this all to be

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