Friday, December 14, 2012

Poem: Sweet Angel of Mine

Sweet Angel of Mine

 By: Joi Maree Flowers

Night falls
And my eyes close to sleep
It is there in a dream
That again we meet
That I see your eyes
Your smile
Your presence
A moment to cherish
At a time sporadic
Before dawn to perish

Greeting with hugs
And kissed cheeks
And singing songs from your book of Hymns
That was passed down to me
"Amazing grace,
How sweet the sound..."
How sweet the sound of your voice
To hear when you come around
In the space of our special place
Which only our presence grace
Where hours of time are spent
Until the moment begins to fade
I awake
You continue to sleep

Under a green field
Surrounded by
Bloomed flowers
Shaded trees
And your love
My Grandfather

Though never to know you
On this side of life
I wondered
Had you been here
What life with you would have been like
What times together would we have spent
What memories made would we have shared
In the scene of a dream
The answer was shown to me there

You are
Have been
And always will be here
With me

In that precious moment
Of a sweet dream
In your name
Passed on to me
In the night's sky
The star that shines bright
In the wind
That blows a gentle breeze when the sun's heat peaks high
In the many stories
Told by family
Dear friends
In the offspring
Of your children
Their children
Their children

Watching over me
From a home where Angels reside
A glance of your face again
I pray I see tonight

After the sun sets
For the moon to rise
And dream a dream
When I close my eyes
Dear Grandmother
Sweet Angel of mine
My Grandmother, Dorothy Maree Colbert-Ford


  1. So sweet & appropriate as Aunt Dorothy, your grandmother, was a sweet, sweet lady. She's beaming from heaven. Uncle Bubba, too, at all of their grandchildren & great grands. So beautiful...

  2. Thank you Vashann and TNJ. Your words are encouraging