Monday, August 4, 2014

Poem: My Testimony

My Testimony

By: Joi Maree Flowers

Folks don't know why the tears stream down my cheeks
When I pray or hear his Praises sung through song
Because they know not my testimony

They just don't know
How good God has been to me

How he's blessed me
Saved me
Rescued me
Steered me in the direction of forward
And not back

I've witnessed his works
Not only in me
But in those around me

I've been talked about and cursed through words by those who wished my down fall
But by God's favor I never saw their feet when at my lowest
Because he stood me tall to look over their heads

He received me as I am
Knowing I was a sinner
A work in progress

I've arrived at the place of present not by my own travels
But by the guided steps of my Lord and Savior
Who before my knowing already paved the way for the road to lead me here

He is the reason I know what love it
Because I got out of my own way so he could open the door
So love could find its way to me

He is the reason why I no longer suffer from loneliness
Because when in the physical company of myself
I know that He is there right next to me

He is the reason why I no longer seek the validation of others
Because He opened mine eyes
To see the beauty that is me

I can go on and on
But the hour won't allow the space for the time

But for the rest of my life
I will thank Him
Through prayer
And I will Praise Him
In song

Because My God
Had been so good to me

And without Him
I would not be

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