Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Poem: As I Am

As I Am

By: Joi Maree Flowers

I am stronger than my weaknesses
Higher than my lows
Content on my being
And held captive not by my woes

I am originated from the Creator's design
Chiseled by His perfect hand
To look not like those around me
And dare not be reconstructed by the hands of man

I am the seed planted into the earth's soil
Nurtured by the water of prayer
And the radiance of hope's light
Blooming into the beautiful flower welcomed by the kiss of Spring's cool air

I am she who will conquer
I am she who will stand
Even if the only voice that acknowledges me is silent
And no applause comes from so-called supportive hands

I am the blues in the midnight hour
The tears that fill the rising river
The loneliness of rejected lust
That finds a smile upon dawn's enter

I am the girl who was
The woman that became
Never to before be the same
For change is what brought me to this day

I am who I am
Flawed and stained
Strengthened by my faults
Beautified by my name

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